free webinar  Embodiment vs Enlightenment?

When? : tuesday 5 march hour 20:00-21:00

Where? : online through the platform Zoom 

This is a friendly webinar, an invitation to get to know who is Veet Cristian, and what he is offering. 

As many of you know, Veet will have a workshop in Wien on 29-31 march about Being ALIVE, and havind an embodied life in every aspect. 

It will be a combination between Self-Inquiring and Coaching tools, Breath work, Somatic Bio-energetics and Sacred Sexuality & Tantra.  

The topic of this Online Meeting will cover:

  1. Enlightenment vs. Embodiment. To choose or not to choose?!
  2. The importance of being Fully Embodied for a complete life;
  3. How this will influence your actions in a good way,
  4. How sex can be more alive, 
  5. Relationships becoming more real. 
  6. A breath tool that can easily uplift your energy, easy to use every day. 
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Facilitate: Veet Cristian.

'My journey of awareness and tao/tantra learning began 20 years ago, out of a sudden.
Since then, I' ve traveled to India several times, in order to grow and receive wisdom and learnings to reach the peak of the mountain.
On my journey as a teacher, I developed and founded different programs of concious intercommunication and sexual alchemy for men and women, and also masculinity programs updated for the 21st century, designed espacially for men in all Europe. I lead seminars in Belgium, denmark, Czeeck Republic and Romania."