Initiatic Journey


15 jun.- 30 jun. 2022- Peru

 Joseph Campbell once said: „I would not believe that people look for a meaning in life, but for the experience of being alive..”

This is an invitation to radical let-go of the old skin in order to create a new life, a new reality in your life. It is a deep transformative journey with 7 straight ayahuasca ceremonies with real healers who do this for the generation and do this for the Light.
No shortcuts, years and years of therapy…,
It is for the ones who feel that Now is the moment of Surrender.
I was inspired ( me, Veet Cristian) to join forces to manifest this journey, by my friend Mario Grasso, who is in a deep understanding and experience about south america and ayahuasca ceremonies for more than 20 yrs. The trust in him and also the fact that it will be a #premium experience: we will be guided by genuine shamans with total care and the group will be between 6-8 participants maximum. This for me is a proof of a deep non-commercial immersion into our souls.

During the retreat...

The key aid to our journey will be consisting in 7 ceremonies, organized in the traditional way. The shamans have an extensive experience and have worked with previous groups. No other components will be used but ayahuasa, harvested locally – an incredible accelerator and cleanser that provides the chemical framework for the second plant, chakruna, rich in DMT (dimethyltryptamine) to do its work. The ceremonies are supervised, no one leaves the ceremony until the end and only to go to his or her own bedroom. It is important to understand that safety comes first and that a well managed ceremony can only result in beneficial ressults. For a beter understanding of what is ayahuasca and its purpose, you can visit this article.

our Basic program...

Jun. 15 – departure from Bucharest. Flight to Iquitos and accommodation in Iquitos (not included in the contribution).

Jun. 16 - Time in Iquitos and rest.

Jun 17 – departure to camp. Arrival in camp and dinner. Setting the intentions.

Jun 18 – Ayahuasca preparation and initial practices before the first ceremony. In the ayahuasca days, there is no dinner. ceremonies are performed on an empty stomach, no food after lunch and no water after 4 pm. The ceremonies start at 8 pm.

Jun 19 – free morning. Debriefing and lunch. Afternoon activities and 2-nd ceremony.

Jun 20 –Ki Kung at dawn. Breakfast and morning activity. Lunch, break, dinner also.

Jun 21 – free morning. Debriefing and lunch. Afternoon Ki Kung and 3-rd ceremony.

Jun 22 – Ki Kung at dawn. Breakfast and morning activity. Lunch, break, afternoon session. 4rd ayahuasca ceremony in the evening.

Jun 23 – free morning. Debriefing and lunch. Afternoon activities and dinner.

Jun 24 – Ki Kung at dawn. Breakfast and morning activity. Lunch, break, afternoon session. 5th ayahuasca ceremony in the evening.

Jun 25 – free morning. Debriefing and lunch. Afternoon activities and 6th ayahuasca ceremony in the evening.

Jun 26 – silent day. No talking, no watching, no physical contact with other participants. The facilitator will be available fo any problem.
Meals are also an occasion for mindful eating and inner insight.

Jun 27 – Ki Kung at dawn. Breakfast and morning activity. Lunch, break, afternoon session. 7th ayahuasca ceremony in the evening.

Jun 28 – Morning Ki Kung and departure to Iquitos. Accommodation in Iquitos – not in cluded in the base cost.

Jun 29 – flights back home, or Extension program 1 with 7 more days in Iquitos for healing and other ceremonies and sessions. The other option for Extension (nr 2) is a journey to Cusco for the ones who want to continue to Macchu Picchu.

Note: Please take into consideration that at the time of posting the article a PCR test is necessary for all those who do not have the green passport. This requires another day for test in Lima.

What is included in the program ?!

- transport with speed boat from Iquitos to the center and back.
- 12 days (11 nights) in a recognized shamanic center.
- 7 ceremonies with Ayahuasca.
- all the meditations practices, breath sessions and ki kung activities specially designed for grounding us before and after the ceremonies.
- Food 2-3 meals/day.
- Wooden bungalows (for 2 people). (with bathroom and shower).
- Baths with purifying flowers,
- Sauna.

What is not included in the program?

    A. Extra expenses

    1. Flight ticket from Bucharest ( or your location) to Iquitos.
    2. A possible night at a hotel in Lima or Iquitos. (depending on airport transit hours.)
    3. Expenses for souvenirs.
    4. Covid Rt-PCR test back and forth. (valid 72 h).
    5. Possible gifts to shamans. (for those who feel this of course).

    B. Extended program (optional) another 3-7 days in Iquitos.

    1. Acupuncture sessions with Master Wong,
    2. Chiropractic sessions with Mrs. Luisa Huesera.
    3. Rejuvenation treatments with bark from Amazonian trees with Mrs. Margerita.
    4. Specific treatments with natural Amazonian drinks with master Rojas.

    C. Extended trip 2 (outside the program) to Machu Pichu, Cuzco, Lake Titikaka and Nazca lines.

      They can be visited according to everyone's desire within the limits of covid spread, but after the ceremonies at the 12-day shamanic center.

Practical aspects...

The price of the basic trip, from jun 15 to jun. 30, is 2100 euros/place in a double room, including all the stay at the retreat center of 12 days full. This contribution does not include flights and accomodation in Iquitos and celebration for New year.

For REGISTRATION you need:
- Passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of return to the country;
- Copy xerox passport;
- Advance of 500 euros for the reservation of the place as soon as possible( first come, first served, only 6 places available), then the second part of 800 eur. as soon as possible then the third part of 800 eur. until lately 1 months before arrival in Peru.
Payment will be made by bank transfer or pay pal.

Covid clause.
If a participant is unable to travel for various reasons (ex positive covid, other illnesses, accidents, other events in private life), the amount paid will ensure a shamanic retreat at any time in a subsequent period that we will decide.

About Veet

His passion is to bring magic into peoples life by changing their perception of reality. We are empowered when we are centered in our soul. And this initiation trip is one occasion for changing lifes and perceptions...

He will support participants with clear guidelines about making the right intention. He will also guide before and after ceremonies with exercises for grounding(ki kung) and breath to support the space.

yellow veet

About Mario

He is a great passionate about cinema art (cinema), nlp and transformation of our mind and spirit and shamanism and ayahuasca for rapid transformation of our internal dialogue aligning with the spirit.
He travelled intensely during last 20 yrs in South America and is in deep knowing of the shamans, ceremonies and the right places for transformation.
He will guide us with his kind touch and knowlendge during all the trip.


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