Conscious Relating 😉
Journey from co-dependency to mature  relationships
Workshop in Brussel- 13-14 dec. 2014

 STARTS with an Introductory Evening on 12 dec.friday evening from 19:00-21:00.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi

For many of us, relationship is a “playground” of meeting ourselves, our passions, joy and also our pain and insecurities. A relationship can be a way to learn and grow, either in intimacy or other types of relating.
Usually we find ourselves repeating the same painful patterns over and over again such as:

• Being dependent on another for nurturing and well-being;
• Seeking nourishment in self-destructive ways (addiction);
• Relating with conflict and drama- too much expectations and blaming the other;
• Retreating into isolation;
• Inability to set limits and becoming “pleasers” in relationships;
• Negativity and low energy.
All of these behaviors come from our unhealed wounds inside – deep inner places of insecurity, fear… And because of these wounds, we have lost a basic connection to our essential nature of Beauty, Uniqueness, Love of life, Longing to Share, and a deep Spiritual Connection to Existence.
The aim of this workshop  is to bring awareness in our usual way of relating to others and to ourselves, and to help us breakthrough from a “co-dependency” state in relationships towards a more “conscious” and mature way of relating.

The term co-dependency describes a dysfunctional way of relating, that includes isolation and separation or makes us being dependent on others. Because of our unhealed inner wounds, most of our relationships become co-dependent.
The purpose of this work is to explore our fears and the way they can sabotage our life if they remain unconscious.
When our way of relating becomes more mature:
(1) We let our partner be different from us, and we allow him/her to live fully his/her life.
(2) We can allow ourselves to have the space and time that we need;
(3) We are able to set our boundaries in an appropriate way when we feel disrespected;
(4) We are able to open profoundly to the partner and to others;
(5) We learn to accept frustration and to contain pain and fear;
(6) We are no longer looking to be rescued or to rescue;
(7) Especially men learn that they can be “open-hearted” without being weak and that that there is a brave-heart inside, when embracing our fears and limitations;
(8) We learn to honor our body and soul.
This work has a specific approach, gentle and effective at the same time, that helps us to heal our wounds and to discover our true nature. There is no pressure or confrontation so that people can trust and be relaxed in their experience.
The ‘tools’ in this work-shop will be:
• the teaching of Meditation to connect to our Source of Peace and Strength inside in every situation;
• psychological work to “clear” the understanding of our fears/ wounds inside;
• awakening the repressed vital energy throught Breath and Energy methods;
• the method “being with what Is” to help us integrate our wounds and fears;
• coaching to un-block the old patterns and awaken the Life Energy inside;

At the end of the workshop we will:

  1. Have a clear “map” of what it is a mature feminine and masculine comparing to being in the immature feminine or masculine;
  2. Recognizing when we identify with being in a ‘needy’ position or in a ‘distant’ one, dis-identifying gradually from the co-dependent role.
  3. Recognizing when our wounds get triggered in our daily life and learning to feel the fear and pain that comes up and embracing your “inner child”;
  4. Understanding the story behind our wounds so that we can gradually dis-identify from our past.
  5. Reconnecting with our essential life energy and discovering our hidden Beauty inside.
  6. Learning the tools to relate and communicate consciously.

me BigVeetCristian.  In his life, relationship were an essential lesson into learning to be more mature and step beyond dependency in relationships. He is supporting people to connect to their inner child and creates a safe environment, where the Joy and Aliveness of our hearts can grow. And then, we can Relate from Love instead of fear. He is a Facilitator of Learning Love method (which works with the inner child and co-dependency in relationships) using also tools from Breath work, Masculine-Feminine Polarities and Meditations to awaken our vital energy.  He is also a Business and Life Coach from 2007, N.L.P. Rezonantz Trainer, graduate of Law School/University of Bucharest, currently practicing mediation also.   More info. on: (soon in english too).

Contact:  Nadia Marin ( e-mail: [email protected])
When: December 13-14 2014
Where: Brussels (place is to be clarified upon registration)
option 1: 100 eur (prepayment in advance until 7 nov.);

option 2: 120 Eur.(booking between 7-31 nov.);

option 3: 140 Eur.(booking between 1-12 dec).                                                                                                 
The “process” is designed as 2 different workshops:
In the 1-st seminar- “Conscious Relating workshop” we will explore and understand the usual way of relating in dependency and realizing the way of a mature healthy relating; Through the specific tools of Learning Love method.
In the 2-nd seminar “Dynamics of polarities masculine and feminine” the opening will be one of creating a conscious way of relating out of the energies of polarities. Through the methods of Tantra and Tao. This event will be scheduled soon.

See you soon!

Veet Cristian