a 1 day Imersive Event 

Arise of the Wild Masculine and Wild Feminine

with Veet Cristian and Joanna Natalia 3 dec. 2022- Manchester

Joseph Campbell once said: I don’t believe people are looking for a meaning in their life; they are looking for the experience of being alive.

Do you want to know why the things are not as you want in your life?
Relationship, Sexuality, Level of energy, Professional etc

Very simple, because there is still in you a #goodperson.

Yes, yes...indeed.

You might say: hmmm, but what should i be without that good person inside?
Angry all the time, lust-full, a chief, i-responsible...
Then what?

Sure, this is what the mind might sell you.

Have you ever considered that, for exemple, when you are angry, if you allow yourself to express anger in a safe way, then, you might discover some un-met needs that you have, or some desperate layer of sadness.

Exemples are many, but, in any of the cases, reprimation is not the solution.
But acceptance and transformation...

Being a good person might cause you to:

  • 1. Give too much, receive less,
  • 2. Become frustrated and quite exhasted.
  • 3. Reacting all the time, blaming others and losing enegry and our well-being,
  • 4. The loss of intimacy and sexual polarity.
  • 5. Disconnection form the body, sadness and burdening feelings

The #Wild men and women are anything else than a nice person.

  • They are connected to the body, and have more energy than normal
  • They are open to feeling all the emotions, including negative ones, and let them go
  • They have built up the capacity to say NO and have healthy boundaries
  • They open-up to the natural vitality and inocent sensuality „beyond shame”
  • They are creative and express themselves from a space of authenticity more often.

Participating to the event, you will explore with exercises and practices the #5STEPS from victim to hero/wild man, woman.

1. You become frustrated, sad that you lose yourself in others, you prioritezed others too much. You wanna change this, feel split inside, you don' t know how.

2. You start listening more to your body, no-s, your emotions. And what gives you pleasure.

3. You continue with more self-care and pleasurable moments.

4. You move on with creating more boundaries and NO-s. You respond from an authentic space more and more.

5. You have more power to generate change in your life.

At the end of the day, you will have:

You will learn a process in 7steps Open-Mind Coaching

You’ll learn a 7 steps process that will help you free yourself from obstacles, fears and expectations and discover the roots of your deepest desires and needs.

Embodiment- or the Power of the Body

You’ll detache from thoughts and patterns, you’ll think freely for yourself, listening to your body and gut! Being in your body brings more energy and craving for life.

Emotional Catharsis

You will free yourself from the tensions felt at a celular or muscular level, that were giving you a sense of fatigue and petulance.

You have more trust in your Intuition to make the best decisions

You’ll easily follow spontaneity, without listening to the other’s people opinion, you’ll trust that tiny little inner voice – your intuition.

You breath for more energy

You’ll realise your shallow breathing and how you are blocking negative emotions, thinking that being in control is for the best, and you’ll see that breathing properly and deeply opens your body to more energy and new solutions.

Fulfilled Relationships and Comunication without interpretation

Your intimate relationships will be easier and more natural. When you’ll let go all those fears and communicate freely about your emotions and needs, everything becomes easier.

Strong Woman vs Sensual Woman

As a woman, you’ll get in touch with your sensuality and the sense of flow, you’ll detach from the mask of the strong woman focused on action and results.

Provider Man vs.Conscious Man

As a man, you’ll learn to relax in just „being”, and free yourself from the „achiever” mindset. You’re free to be whoever you want to be.

Awakening Natural Sensuality

You awaken your raw sensuality through which you will connect to your soul.  To be sensual means to be Alive. You get free of the ancestral "sexual shame".

Your journey starts now! Because you get out of the everyday matrix and the limitations created your corporations, religion and other worldwide powers, and recognise the “aliveness”. You’re at the start line!

What will we actually do in this event?

  1. Open –Mind coaching in 7 steps – The awakening kit
  2. Unity Dance
  3. Activation breathing
  4. The Transformational Process: “You’re not an island”
  5. 3D reality and focus on the form vs. 4D reality and focus on the flow
  6. The power of the mind from Observer or Judge
  7. Embodiment vs Enlightenment
  8. Ecstatic Response – The key to connecting to life
  9. Pelvic Bouncing – To be beyond sexual shame
  10. Pelvian Breathing – Amplifing the of energy of life.

NOTE: the process is experiential, therefore, many of the techniques are not even on this list. The workshop is not so much much about techniques but a state of vibration where you can access change. 

About Cristian Veet

From lawyer to antreprenor and intimicy coach, Veet is a life explorer. In the present moment he is writing a book about „ The Inteligence of being Alive and Life as Magic”.

The journey of awareness and tao learning began 20 years ago, out of a sudden. Since then, he traveled in India several times, in order to grow and receive wisdom and learnings to reach the peak of the mountain.

The SkyMind founder, an alchemy and personal development center, he intiated different programs of concious intercommunication and sexual alchemy for men and women, and also masculinity programs updated for the 21st century, designed especially for men.

He leads groups in Europe, Czeck republic, Denmark, Belgium and Romania.

Web: www.cristianveet.com
Insta: @veetcristian
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/VeetCristianEmpowerCoach/

yellow veet

About Joanna Natalia

I'm professional therapist using tantra principles and unique blend of skills to provide a holistic service
experience to my clients.
My Tantra training is in Transformational Tantra massages. This is unique and expertly crafted offering
from John Hawken, which takes influences from many traditions and teachers including:
Tantra - Osho & Margaret Anand
Bioenergetics- Wilhelm Reich & Alexander Lowen Taoism and Shamanism


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Free Seats

You can pay as much as you want from the 3 options:

    • 120 pounds
    • if you are generous,

    • 100 pounds
    • if you are chill,

    • 80 pounds
    • if you can afford less,

What other participants share about their experiences...

diana cazan

"Wonderful experience Cristian! Thank you. Very few times in my life, i succeded to free the authentic inside of me, and this time was one of that moments. And this is quite a big thing for me."

— Diana Cazan, Manager

ioan nicut 2

"At the workshop with Cristian i did the exercises proposed. Then at home, after i made love, i sat down on my back. I was covered by a pleasure in all my body. Something i have never felt before. Something that cannot be explained in words. So simple as that."

— Ioan Nicut, Coach, Speaker, Author

sorin bobocea


"I have practiced many meditation techniques before, breath work as well, but at your workshop, it is the few times, when the sequence choosed, stirred inside me a big laugh all over myself, it is exactly what i am looking for in a meditation: that the body by itself to produce moments of inner laughing."

— Sorin Bobocea, Consultant Politic


Contact Joanna for questions!

mail: [email protected]

tel: +447596304662.

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"Find inside you that place where there is Joy, and it will burn your pain." by Joseph Campbell