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Sacred Union Retreat with Nicole and Cristian 21-24 feb. 2019

februarie 21 @ 18:00 UTC+0

(Nota: in scurt timp vom posta textul si in limba romana.)

The everyday life can be demanding and sometimes that we don’t find enough time for the simplest and happiest things in life: intimacy with another, quality time, sharing our feelings, opening to the frequency of love and bliss. (beyond the simple family management and life.)

The consequence is that we diminish sexual attraction in our relationships and life, we feel stressed and lack intimacy with ourselves and with another, life moves on in the urge “for more”.

We thought that  in the Month on Love (for Valentine’s Day 14 feb. and Dragobete 24 feb.) is a beautiful opportunity to offer ourselves and to our intimacy these days of the retreat. 

So, be welcome to…

Sacred Union

Valentine’s Retreat with Veet Cristian and Nicole Katzender

21-24 February Romania

Sacred Union Retreat for singles and couples

Opening to Love and Union in Mystical Romania

This Valentine weekend we invite you to join us in a journey for intimacy, polarity to merge in  union. For singles and couples also. 

The purpose of this workshop is to awaken your inner aliveness and sensuality. And from space connect to your vulnerable self and create new embodied mature relationships with the other sex. The main intentions for this retreat is to find a spark of the inner union between your masculine and your feminine inside. 

First step is the intimacy with yourself and then share that with a partner. Also how to connect and open and open deeply with another. The intention of the weekend is intimacy, meeting in stillness, sensuality, and from there extend into ecstasy and sacred union.

We will awaken our senses and use both the masculine and feminine principle to awakening. There will be couples, single and group exercises. We will play both with the power of mind, and how to activate pleasure from within, we are going to explore mind and matter – that which is beyond stillness and how to be the alchemist of our reality and how we can consciously turn pain, fear and contraction into pleasure.

Come with us in the Experience!

Fill in the form below and we will contact you soon: 

Your WHY to spend time with us this week-end:

❤︎ Will help you heal Betrayals, Sadness & Past Relationships,

❤︎ You will learn to Forgive the Masculine & Feminine,

❤︎ You will learn to follow your Inner Sensuality and then share with a partner not before,

❤︎ You will have a full week-end of Intimacy and quality time for yourself making new friends ( if single) and for you together (if you are couple),

❤︎ You will learn tools that can help you create Intimacy with your beloved again at home,

❤︎ Will open to a new octave of heart-womb/hara connection,

❤︎ Will be an Opening to the Inner Marriage Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine,

❤︎ Invite Sacred Union in your every-day life.

What is actually polarity?!

Polarity is the very source of life, the source of energy and the source of happiness in our couple relationship. The easiest example of polarity is the continuous attraction between Yin and Yang, or the attraction between a very powerful and masculine man and very sensual and feminine woman. If we learn how to maintain and use this immense energy, we get the key to happy, successful and fulfilling life.

The secret of the long lasting, intense and forever young couple relationship is to learn to maintain the game of polarity in a conscious way. In a couple with strong polarity love can flourish and blossom. Love becomes powerful and stable. This love is able to heal all the traumas and eliminate all the fears and blockages. Such a couple is very dynamic, emotionally generous and willing to share their happiness with the whole world!

Journey from Polarity to Union.

When we find space in ourselves to create energy, sensuality from within and share with our partner and in life, we start to master the law of polarity. In the first phase, we learn to detach from fight and differences and transform them into a dance of attraction and polarity. Then, in the second phase,  we make the shift to creating an Inner Union- Masculine and Feminine, inner polarity. Beyond the horizontal of life in relationship with a partner, to the Vertical of life in the Inner Marriage.

To make it more clear, we will work on 5 main directions:

  1. Embodiment, creating a safe space inside ourselves before connecting with another.
  2. Creating Intimacy with another, letting go of fears around relating, and showing vulnerability of the hearts;
  3. Sharing Sexual polarity with the other, understanding how we can regaining sexual attraction in relationships;
  4. Creating the space for a Conscious Relating to happen;
  5. Finding the Inner Union between masculine and feminine inside;

Sacred Union is our heart calling…

The path of Sacred Union it’s an invitation to open for love, for bliss for original innocence. It is an ancient call to bring harmony back to life, to heal the split between the masculine and the feminine.

It is an initiation in the Solar and Lunar currents within us, igniting and unlocking the keys to the alchemical inner marriage between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within.

Nothing is more sacred than the inner marriage of the masculine and feminine energies within, this is our core mission, to remember the harmony of male and female and to unite these frequencies within every cell of our being thus manifesting our soul mate, twin soul, and sacred partner. When this inner marriage occurs, it attracts the matching frequency in our reality.

Sacred Union is a mystical teaching central to many ancient spiritual traditions. In Kabbalah, it is called Sacred Marriage, Yab-Yum in Tibetan Buddhism, Tantra in Hinduism, Hieros Gamos in Christianity and Sexual Alchemy in Egyptian mythology.

Our core Practices:

❤︎ Alchemical Love Arts

❤︎ Sacred Ceremonies

❤︎ Forgiveness Ritual

❤︎ Ecstatic Dancing

❤︎ Devotion and Reference to the Masculine & Feminine

❤︎ Sacred Sexuality

❤︎ Adoration Ceremony to the Feminine & Masculine

❤︎ Sacred Touch

❤︎ Body Prayers

Practicalities: there is not gonna be nudity in the group room. There will be also practices for you to do in the intimacy as you feel like.

The workshop will be facilitated 
by Veet Cristian,
He is a Speaker, Author of a book in progress on the subject of Conscious Change and Intimacy, also Life and Business Coach, N.L.P. Trainer and Transformational Workshop Leader. He is a traveler through life. For him Life is a dance between masculine and feminine, between the Sun and the Moon, Light and Dark. It depends on us if we see life as a dance or as a problem to be solved. As for his experience in working with people he is facilitating transformational workshops through Connected Breathing, Masculinity, seminars for the Intelligence of the Heart, seminars based on the method of Learning Love, Tantra and Polarities, Osho Active Meditations and Bioenergetics. He is curently leading seminars in Romania, Czeck Republic, Belgium, Denmark.
and Nicole Katzender, she is a Transformational & Embodiment Mentor, Womb & Hara Awakening Teacher and Sacred Feminine Healing Arts Practitioner She is here to anchor Love, Bliss & the Ancient Feminine Wisdom on Earth by rooting it deeply in her body-temple. Highly intuitive her work focuses on transmuting and harmonizing Ancestral and Collective Soul DNA to birth the new Potential of Love and Shakti on Earth. She was born in Brasil but travelled around the world, lived for 9 yrs in New York, then Europe.
The contribution for the retreat is 245 eur.(1150 ron)
>You pay only 200 eur. (940 ron) with an advance payment of 100 eur. (470 ron)(non-refundable) until 20 Jan.
>Price for couples. You both pay 360 eur. in advance (instead of 400) or 450 eur. (after 20 jan.)
Limited Spaces.
What is not included in the retreat fee?! 
1. Drive until the location. In Baile Olanesti. (cca. 180 km from Bucharest)
2. Food and Accomodation for 3 nights.
About accomodation. We have very good conditions for our group. You will pay only 110 eur. for all 3 nights/person.
We have included:
1. Accomodation in double rooms (you will stay 2 persons in one room with 2 beds.).
2. 3 vegetarian meals a day.
3. access at swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna or fitness room.
21 feb., thursday from 18.30 to 21.30
22-23 feb. friday and saturday from 9.30 to 21.30
24 feb., sunday from 9.30 to 17.00.
This is for you who want to drop into stillness, meet in authenticity and heart, allow time and moment to build up sensual expression from within.
This is for you who wants to make love with every moment, who is ready to drop prestige but share sensuality from within.
This is for you who longs to integrate sexuality and heart and melt open with another.
This is for you who want to expand your knowing about the possibilities to feel, longer and more – by slowing down. (and embodying the wisdom within your body). 
We are waiting for you…


februarie 21
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februarie 21
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